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“An Object of Abstract”

Music Formats

Track Download Officially released Tracks are available for download from most Digital Music Distributors. Tracks can be downloaded at iTunes; Dizzler; AmazonMp3; Google Play; Spotify; Rhapsody; Emusic and MediaNet. Exclusive versions available for download at Beats Music. Visit artist page for Dj exclusive versions notification. Compact Discs, DvD, Vynil and Cassettes Availability of Discs, Vinyl and other formats can be checked with our digital distributor SongCast or exclusive distributors assigned to artist’s Album, EP or Single . If an artist is profiled in the Forthcoming Artists Page  and the tracks are not available as yet the official release details will be issued with a page dedicated to the artist. Released tracks will also be on Internet Radio prior to official release date and previewing available on Youtube and Soundcloud as well as digital distributors affiliated with Souliterature. If you are an artist or a Record Label and title/track appears under forthcoming artist/single and you wish the music released prior to planned arelease date. Please drop us an email. Souliterature is proud to be first in Publishing “When AfriKa Gave Birth.” Both Maxi Single and Remixes are out now and available for download. Visit Award winning Fatso Bones page on the navigator bar and read more on the two Remix Singles:  Souliterature Mixes” and the EXCLUSIVE “Souliterature Dubs” also vailable at Beats Music.