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Souliterature covers the highly successful single by Toni Braxton & Babyface - “Hurt You” in House and Garage. Vocals by YungLove (USA).  Get yourself a copy of the notable cover versions of the hit music track with instrumentals. Hurt You Executive Producers: Paigel & Latreece. “Souliterature - Hurt You [Souliterature Dubs]”
Also available SOON from:
Cover versions of Toni Braxton & Babyface's  "Hurt You" Vocal Perfomance by YungLove Souliterature - Hurt You
(Toni Braxton & Babyface Cover)
 [Souliterature Dubs] feat. YungLove (USA)
Vocal Perfomance by YungLove Vocal Perfomance by YungLove